• Reviewed by: mhinze  on: 2021/10/22 11:38:32
    Hello, my name is Michele, restaurant manager at the MRLA. I'm hoping to connect with the owner /operator to update the information in our records so you can receive communications from the National Restaurant Association and us for your local level concerns. Please call me at (517) 377-3930 when you have a moment. Looking forward to connecting.
  • Reviewed by: arnoonan29  on: 2020/9/29 10:52:44
    I just got home with my order...I was sharted the soups from both of my lunch specials...what should I do?
  • Reviewed by: viavitaestudios  on: 2020/7/19 14:11:20
    We just ordered a dinner and one meal didn't come. Can you hello?
  • Reviewed by: moody  on: 2020/6/24 9:41:29
    Always enjoy the meals. Thank you. Just wondering if your vegetable lo mein is gluten free? has no wheat in it?
  • Reviewed by: richbierlein  on: 2020/12/12 11:51:49
    Do you make sushi to go
  • Reviewed by: harmvoice1  on: 2020/10/12 16:21:41
    We were regular weekly customers before the dine in was stopped. Had food deliveries today and they were delicious and very generous. Thank you.
  • Reviewed by: kwinde2004  on: 2019/8/2 13:12:26
    Food sucks. No variety. Service is non existent! Over priced! NEVER coming back here to eat!
  • Reviewed by: michie1957  on: 2019/8/18 16:45:08
    today you allowed the very overweight young men near us to view porn on their cellphones. VERY VISIBLE we were shocked and will not be back because of this...
  • Reviewed by: tammyrider0  on: 2019/4/26 12:36:07
    sad when you didn't even get your first plate and sit down at the table and you got your server handing you your ticket already pathetic foods dried out workers suck bad attitudes
  • Reviewed by: tiffanylippencott1991  on: 2019/3/6 16:56:11
    This place needs more waitress/waiters. I'm tired of sitting here for 15 minutes after I drink it all. One particular waitress is very rude and snobby. If I had to judge 1 being poor and 10 being the best I'd rate this place a 1.
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