• Reviewed by: evabently2142  on: 2019/3/15 14:00:43
    I'm very disappointed in your business
  • Reviewed by: peanutrossier  on: 2019/3/15 13:59:52
    I had went to this resteraunt when they gave me a receipt it was a different charge then what they charge me there excuse was a service fee but couldn't tell me the exact amount and it was a ripoff that it wasnt currently known or posted card holders be aware they don't tell you the truth.
  • Reviewed by: custsvc  on: 2018/12/27 16:31:47
    Hello, We are looking for a buffet that would have a separate room for an employee party. Do you have something that would accommodate a small staff of about 10-12 people? Do you have group pricing that would allow us to pay for a meal for our staff? Thank you!
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